Finance & Insurance

finance with us is simple

Home loans can be incredibly complicated and with so many options available these days, quite a daunting task too. At JL Partners, we know you’re looking for the right loan for your situation, whether you’re buying a new home, refinancing, investing, renovating or need a car. We’ll help you get the finance you’re looking for – without the fuss.

That’s where our expertise comes in. By looking at your circumstances and carefully searching through our panel of banks and lenders from the Big 4 to speciality lenders, we’ll come up with creative solutions that help you secure a great loan for your situation. We can help with the following:

Buying new home or moving

Buying an investment property

Refinance or renovate

Minimising risk by Getting covered

A business has an obligation to identify and assess foreseeable hazards. If it is not reasonably practical to eliminate the risk you must take steps to control the risk. As with your accountant or solicitor who are perceived as trusted advocates and true business partners in building the success of your investment, our Value Proposition to you is the service and risk management advice we provide:

  • Highlighting the potential pitfalls for your so as to minimise your exposure to financial risks,
  • Highlighting hazards and security issues to ensure adequate protection of your property and business,
  • Helping improve and ‘insure’ your bottom line.