Audit & Assurance

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Whether to meet legal requirements, or satisfy the needs of financiers, shareholders or other stakeholders, our clients not only value the robust assurance our services provide, but also the pragmatic and commercial approach we take that seeks to add value and improve business performance.

With a dedicated audit and accounting technical team we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality and professional standards.

We utilise a risk based audit methodology that requires a thorough understanding of our clients’ organisation, its goals and objectives, key business risks, operations and financial processes.  This understanding not only provides the foundation for a highly effective audit, but also gives us insights which we use to provide our clients further value.

Whilst audits provide assurance to various stakeholders, other benefits from a JL Partners audit include:

  • Enhancing overall corporate goverance processes
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Opportunities for improved business performance through identification and effective communication of issues and other business insights arising from the audit
  • Providing an independent and commercially based view of performance with added integrity and creditbility for stakeholders
  • Risk management benefits through the process of risk identification and effective communication to those in governance


Our Specialization

statutory audit

internal audit

Special Purpose Audit

agreed-upon-procedure engagements

SMSF audit

internal control reviews